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(Certification Program in Photography for Working Professionals)

Elevate your photography skills and take your career to new heights with our specialized course for working professionals.

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    An introduction to photography for hobbyists or casual photographers who wish to advance their skills to the next level

    Course Details: 


    A 2 month weekend ( saturday & sunday ) course aimed at building up your knowledge of the basics of photography. With an emphasis on practical usage, consider it as your path towards mastering the art of photography at a relaxed pace.

    Fee Details: 


    Course Fee – Rs.49,000/- (including GST)

    Choose a specialization
    1. Events/Lifestyle Photography
    2. Product Photography
    3. Landscape Photography
    4. Wildlife Photography
    5. Model Photography
    What you’ll learn
    • Fundamental of Digital Imaging Technology
    • Learn composition rules and guidelines
    • Camera types and Uses
    • Understand each camera mode in detail
    • Understanding lens types
    • Understand how to control depth of field
    • The importance of lighting and how to work with natural light
    • Learn shutter speeds for creating dynamic images
    • The art of studio lighting setups
    • Learn to develop pictures with editing software
    • Digital Media and Photography
    • Digital camera basics
    • Mobile photography and its benefits
    • Upgrade from Hobbyist to Professional
    • Basics of Lenses
    • Exposure triangle – ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture
    • Depth of Field
    • Composition
    • Natural and artificial light photography
    • Photo walks led by experts
    • Portfolio Presentation


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    Program comes with

    • Printed copy of instruction materials
    • Downloadable instruction material
    • Avenue for Group discussion
    • Printed Portfolio of images taken during the course
    • Certificate of Completion

    16 sessions



    Field session:


    Studio Session:


    Skill Level:



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