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The Trend of Photography in 2022  A Nutshell : comprising recent developments in vogue

Technology has been a boon for the photography business for decades, and this is something that’s been getting steadily faster in recent years. This has been true across every niche, with product photography being no exception.

The advancement of technology has resulted in a variety of trends becoming increasingly more prominent. These aren’t the only trends that have started to impact the industry; however, consumer demands have affected how a product photographer does business.

While countless trends affect the niche, a few looks set to continue making their presence felt. Because of how important these can be for a company’s success, it can be vital for them to be aware of each and capitalize on them as much as possible going forward.

DSLR Is Becoming Niche

DSLR cameras were one of the biggest trends affecting the industry for years after they were first released. This was because they offered quite a significant number of benefits when using them.

Alongside this was that the images they offered were often of a higher quality than previous cameras. These advantages were seemingly endless and constantly improved on with each new edition of the DSLR range.

In recent years, however, they have seen a reduction in popularity. This has been driven by the increase in smartphone use across the world. While these devices initially had cameras that were of low quality, this has changed steadily.

This has led to many smartphones and other mobile devices offering a photo quality that rivals many high-end DSLR cameras. Coupled with their increased portability and reduced cost,photographers across every niche have been switching to them.

This doesn’t mean that DLSRs are going away; instead, they’re becoming more of a backup to their more versatile counterparts.

Videos Are Taking Over

Still, images have been used to promote products for decades. Various trends have changed how these pictures have been taken, as well as the overall style of the images.

Recent years have seen this shift largely to video. Much of this has been driven by the fact that technology has allowed video to become much more compact, expanding where it can be delivered. Alongside this is the fact that consumers pay more attention to video than they do still images.

As such, brands have been aiming to take advantage of this increased exposure, which has had a domino effect on product photographers. There are a variety of ways that this can be done, with much of this naturally being dictated by client demand.

As a result, product photographers must become increasingly skilled in videography, even to the limited degree that product shots may need.

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