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Photography for dedicated Amateurs

Photography for dedicated Amateurs

Professional Photography Academy in Hyderabad

An introduction to photography for hobbyists or casual photographers who wish to advance their skills to the next level

Course Details: 

A 2 month weekend ( saturday & sunday ) course aimed at building up your knowledge of the basics of photography. With an emphasis on practical usage, consider it as your path towards mastering the art of photography at a relaxed pace. 

Fee Details: 

Course Fee - Rs.49,000/- (including GST)

Choose a specialization

  1. Events/Lifestyle Photography
  2. Product Photography
  3. Landscape Photography
  4. Wildlife Photography
  5. Model Photography
What you'll learn
Fundamental of Digital Imaging Technology
Learn composition rules and guidelines
Camera types and Uses
Understand each camera mode in detail
Understanding lens types
Understand how to control depth of field
The importance of lighting and how to work with natural light
Learn shutter speeds for creating dynamic images
The art of studio lighting setups
Learn to develop pictures with editing software

Understanding the Formats and File types created by the camera, managing the storage and archive of images; processing the images for creating the final product

Understanding how the camera is built, what are the parts, how a sensor works, what types of sensors are available, the role of the sensor in determining the final output including colour.

Upgrade your skills with your mobile photography by understanding how to make the best use of the features present in the camera you already have.

Learn the differences between an amateur and a professional, what makes professional photography an attractive field, how to determine the right equipment for your needs  and basic business tips

How the lens renders an image, what is the effect of focal length, what are general vs special purpose lenses, how we can use filters

Understanding how exposure works, the role of the aperture, shutter, and the role of ISO. How each of the above works separately as well as how they are related to each other

Controlling the sharpness of the picture for our artistic expression

Creating engaging and interesting photos by learning the right and wrong ways to frame pictures

  1. Using the most abundant source of light to create attractive images, tips and tricks to deal with the changing character of the light, using natural light indoors as well as outdoors and explore night photography
  2. Learn How to use light creatively to build an image in a studio environment, how to use single or multiple lights to make beautiful images and how to use modifiers

Explore various parts of Hyderabad while using all the lessons and techniques taught in the classroom sessions

Make a portfolio of your best work done throughout the course

This course includes

Duration : 16 sessions

Lectures : 8

Field session : 6

Studio Session : 2

Skill Level : Beginner

Note:Weekdays: 2 hrs of 5 days a week (2 weeks) | Weekends: 6 hrs of the weekend (2 weeks)
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